Tilta, staffa di supporto per obiettivo, LS-T05, 15 mm, LWS Rod Lens Support Pro Long





Tilta LS-T05 Long Lens Support Mount Fit 15 mm Rod Rail System All types of lenses This Tilta 15 mm LWS Rod Lens Support features a Snap On Design allowing you to mount/unmount The Support on your Rods without Having to remove other Mounted Rod Accessories. The Lightweight anodized Aluminum Support features a zigrinato thumbwheel to provide extra grip when tightening or loosening The Lens Support shaft.
‘The Lens Support features 0.25″ of Side to side Adjustment and it incorporates a Spring Loaded Locking Lever that allows you to tighten or loosen The Lens Support shaft Even IF The Lever is Blocked from Turning a Full 360 °. The Support shaft is adjustable from Flush with the top of the Support to 0.875″ High And incorporates a 3/8″-16 Threaded Mounting Stud. The Lens Support includes a 1/4 di 20 Lens Support Adapter and a Y-Lens Adapter Support.
‘The Lens Support features a height Adjustable post with a 3/8″-16 Threaded Mounting Stud. AN included 1/4″-20 Adapter allows you to support lenses that Feature a 1/4 di 20 Threaded Mounting hole. The included y Adapter Supports lenses that Do Not Feature a Threaded Mounting hole by allowing The Lens to Rest on the Supports Rollers.
In The Box
Tilta 15 mm LWS Rod Lens Support
Y-Support Bracket
‘1/4 di 20 Screw Attachment