Think Tank 700069 Modular Essential Set V3.0





The Think Tank Modular Essential Set V3.0 includes the following Think Tank bags: Think Tank Skin 75 Pop Down V3.0, Think Tank Lens Cylinder 50 V3.0, Think Tank Speed Changer V3.0 and Think Tank RU Thirsty? V3.0. Think Tank LensChanger 50 V3.0 This black Think Tank LensChanger 50 V3.0 is part of a modular belt system and is a water resistant nylon bag that is designed for storing wide angle zoom lenses such as the f/2.8 14-24 mm or f/2.8 16-35 mm. The lens holder can be attached to any optional Think Tank strap or backpack, so you can easily use it while shooting to switch lenses on the go. The bag is made of nylon and polyester and has a water-repellent coating on the outside for extra durability. It has a rain cover in the bottom pocket that can easily be placed in harsh conditions. The opening opens wide for quick access to your gear and closes via a simple drawstring. There is an outer stretch bag available for storing a lens cap or other small object, while with a handle you can easily carry the case when needed. Dimensions (height x diameter): Internal: 18.5 x 11.4 cm / External: 19 x 12.7 cm. Features of the Think Tank LensChanger 50 V3.0 * Lens holder offers space for wide angle zoom lenses * Attachable to optional strap or backpack * Wide opening for quick access * Safe drawstring closure * Stretch pocket on the outside for lens cap * Handgrip * Water-resistant material * Rain cover in the bottom pocket Think Tank Skin 75 Pop Down V3.0 The Think Tank Skin 75 Pop Down V3.0 is part of the modular belt system V3.0 from Think Tank and is a lightweight bag developed for storing a telephoto lens with attached lens hood. Due to the unique Pop Down design, the length of the bag can be adjusted so that the lens hood can remain attached. The bag also includes an inner pocket for smaller accessories as well as a zipper pocket on the front for lens caps. The bag has a drawstring closure for quick access; there are also Velcro closures for a safer closure. The exterior