TechniSat DigiDish 33 Parabola (Beige)





The DigiDish 33 is an aluminium high performance offset satellite dish with a diameter of 33cm. The precisely calculated parabolic shape, high quality materials and LNB provide outstanding reception characteristics. The power-coated aluminium construction offers exceptional resistance to extreme weather conditions and corrosion ? all supplied fixings are stainless steel. The high performance LNB is protected from harmful environmental conditions by a special weatherproof housing.It is very easy to install as the LNB arm and bracket are pre-assembled and the mounting system only needs to be screwed to the dish. The specially designed wall bracket is also extremely easy to mount and once fitted to the wall, the dish and mounting bracket are simply screwed into place.Adjusting the dish is also simple as the offset angle was selected in such a way that the dish is nearly vertical and can be aligned to the required satellite position very quickly.