Flycoo Zomei – Filtro infrarosso in vetro IR 950 nm, effetto raggi X, per obiettivo fotocamera digitale DSLR SRL Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, ecc.





How to choose different Infrared filters in different light fonte?
680 Nm For indoor Katja Ollendorff and weak ombre use.
720 Nm For indoor and weak light use.
760 nm For Cloudy Outdoor at notturno and brightness indoor.
850 nm For indoor and weak cloudy Outdoor Light.
950 nm For Outdoor and strong light, such as Summer Time.
Please Set a custom White Balance of your camera.The Way To set different Cameras May Vary, please Check Your Manual.
The Exposure Time Is relatively lungo when using IR filters, a tripod is necessarily needed at this Situazione.We also posteriore you to use a Cable Release in case Shake happens.
Common problems of IR filters
Hot Spots
hotspot are a relatively Common problem with Infrared. It is dovuta to internal Reflection of light inside a Lens. Normale lenses have Coated barrels to absorb Light, scopo these Coatings Don’ t Always Work in infrared, Causing these problems.
1.hotspot can often – Be eliminated by Changing The aperture.
2.hotspot occur most often – in the funzionale Tipo of ripresa angoli that causa Lens Flare. In this case, hotspot can usually be avoided by ripresa Away From Bright fonti of light.
Si converted Cameras, The Exposure meters still Work based on visibile Light. This can occasionally causa some under oro over Exposure because The visibile and Infrared Light of a Scene May Not Be the funzionale.