Dome diffusore Pro For Sea & Sea YS di 250 Strobe





This a forma di cupola Diffuser for the Sea & SEA YS-250 Strobe, greatly improves the copertura and makes the Lighting Much More Soft and even. The Dome Diffuser minimizes The differences in Light intensity throughout the Image Creating a more Even, Soft and Beautiful Lighting of your Underwater Images. The Dome Diffuser Pro uses a semi trasparente Materiale specialmente developed for Strobe come. This material is a perfect Balance between Diffusion and transparancy assicurando a Much higher Efficiency compared to the First Generation Dome diffusori. The Strong Body makes the mouting Diffuser Easy and safe. The Dome Diffuser is securely Locked into Position using the supplied Allen Key. . Under waterp Hot ographers Not Only report a more Beautiful Lighting but also Reduced Backscatter on their Images.