Daiwa CN-901 HP3 Rosmetro Wattmetro 1.8 – 200 Mhz 3 kw





DAIWA CN-901HP3 1.8 – 200 MHZ CROSS NEEDLE PEP WATTMETER / SWR METER 3000 WATTS UHF FEMALE CONNECTOR sostituisce suo predecessore CN-801HP3 Frequency: 1.8-200MHz Power Range Forward: 20/200/3kW Accuracy: +/- 10% (at full scale) SWR Detection Sensitivity: 5W min Input/Output Impedence: 50 OHM Input/Output Connectors: SO-239 Dimensions & Weight: 6.25 x 4.3 x 4.8 / 2lbs. 3ozs. Lighted Cross needle movement allows the simultaneous monitoring of forward power, reflected power, and SWR without the need of an extra calibration procedure. New High Power version switchable for 30, 300, or 3000 watt full scale forward watt readings. Built-in lamp. Meter requires external 13.8 VDC source. Supplied with DC power cord.