Breakthrough Photography – Filtro ND per obiettivi fotocamere, densità neutra professionale con panno per lenti, MRC8, Nanotec, ultra-sottile, resistente alle intemperie X2 ND 10-Stop 72 mm.





The Breakthrough 72mm X2 Neutral Density 10-Stop is a circular ND filter of only 3.5 mm thick and a filter factor of 1000x that darkens the entire image by 10 stops. This shorter exposure time allows you to use slower shutter speeds to express motion in your photos and achieve larger apertures even in high light conditions. The X2 ND filter is made of H-K9L optical glass and designed for color-neutral performance without added tint or hint and avoids vignetting thanks to its slim profile. Two types of coatings are used: MRC8 helps to eliminate glare and gives the glass better scratch resistance and durability, and a Nano coating that repels water and small particles for easier cleaning. A ribbed aluminum frame completes the filter, with a filter size of 72 mm at the front for stacking and weather sealing, so you can use the filter outside even in harsh conditions. Features of the Breakthrough 72mm X2 Neutral Density 10-Stop * Filter factor 1000x, 10 stops * Darkens entire image * Extended shutter speed possible * Enables larger aperture * MRC8 and Nano-coating * Scratch-resistant and water-repellent * Designed for color-neutral performance * Filter size front: 72mm * H-K9L optical glass * Weatherproof 3.5 mm aluminum frame In the Box * Breakthrough 72mm X2 Neutral Density 10-Stop